What strength concrete do I need for my driveway?

We recommend a 4500-PSI strength for all exterior concrete.

Why does concrete crack?

The wet concrete will have a loss of volume as the concrete “sets” and continues to harden. This loss of volume occurs as shrinkage. That sets up tensile stresses causing cracks in concrete. Concrete cracking can be controlled but almost never eliminated.

How do I control cracking?

Concrete needs to be jointed to account for the shrinkage that will occur. Joint placement is determined by the thickness of the concrete.

How long should I stay off my new concrete?

A properly cured 4500-PSI mix should generate enough strength to drive on in seven days.

Will my concrete be stronger if I use wire mesh reinforcing?

No. Wire mesh reinforcing does nothing to make the concrete stronger. The wire mesh reinforcing will keep cracks from opening up once a crack has occurred.

What is the purpose of the fiber reinforcing now being used by many customers?

Intermixing millions of synthetic fibers into a cubic yard of concrete is meant to reduce or absorb micro-cracking that takes place when concrete begins to “set.” If micro-cracking is reduced or eliminated in the first few hours after placement, cracking may never take place.

What does it mean to cure concrete?

Curing is one of the most important steps in quality concrete construction and one of the most neglected. Effective curing is absolutely essential for surface durability. Fresh concrete must be kept warm and moist until the mixing water combines chemically with the cement (hydration). Without curing, the strength of the concrete is reduced by half. A 4500-PSI mix becomes a 2250-PSI mix at the surface with no curing.

Why should I cure concrete?

It is important to cure concrete to retain as much moisture as possible in the concrete for the first three to seven days of its life. Curing also helps to maintain concrete temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees, which is helpful in the concrete gaining maximum strength. Curing is usually done by applying a coat of liquid curing compound to the concrete as soon as it is hard enough to walk on without making marks on the surface.

Can concrete be made in colors other than gray?

The possibilities are almost as limitless as your imagination! From an intermixing of multiple colors to matching the siding on your house, there’s sure to be a color you’ll like! Call or contact us for pricing.