Rubber Mulch

The Details

Kuert Outdoor Living

-Red, Black, Brown-


  • 99.99% Metal Free
  • Will Not Stain Clothes or Skin
  • Softer Surface to Walk, Kneel, or Fall On
  • Non-Toxic. Non-Abrasive. Environmentally Friendly (LEED approved)
  • Long Lasting and Low Maintenance
  • Will Not Compress, Flatten Out, Float or Blow Away (5x’s heavier than wood mulch)
  • 10 Year Warranty Against Total Color Loss
  • Inhibits Insects and Rodents and Controls Weed Growth
  • ADA Compliant Per ASTM F1951
  • Made in America
  • Black, Brown, Red, Green, Blue and Silver Colors Available
    (Green, Blue and Silver are special order colors – there is a 5% price increase for special order colors)

* Prices and availability may vary with location.


Falls from swing sets and tumbles off slides are going to happen, so it is vital to focus on improving safety surfaces under and around playground equipment. Kuert Rubber Mulch has a higher child safety rating than any other ground cover tested by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, which supports the recycled rubber mulch’s superiority over other playground surfacing like wood mulch, sand and pea gravel.


Kuert Rubber Mulch won’t stick to or stain clothes. It’s splinter-free and won’t scratch or irritate skin. It won’t become a breeding ground for mold, fungus or insects. Kuert Rubber Mulch makes every landing a soft landing, whether at home or on a school playground. Safety and convenience are what rubber safety surfacing is all about. It won’t blow away, wash away or get packed down, so the hassle of reapplying ground cover year after year is eliminated. Cost effective, Kuert Rubber Mulch lasts at least eight times longer than traditional playground surfacing.


  • Arena Footing
  • Business Landscaping
  • Day Care Center
  • Home Landscaping
  • Playgrounds
  • Schools